Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) For Professional Services

Deltek's customer relationship management (CRM) system streamlines marketing, sales, business development, and customer relations. In today's business environment competition is fierce, you need to move quickly to identify the best clients that fit your business with customer relationship marketing. With CRM from an Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) system your professional services firm can manage interactions with clients and sales to position your business for success.

IDC's Michael Fauscette explains why using an integrated CRM systems will make your Professional Services firm stand out from your competitors.

Benefits of Integrated CRM

  • Consistently execute business development across the firm
  • Automate marketing campaigns and opportunity tracking
  • Target marketing to the best fit prospects
  • Gain a 360 degree view of all customer interaction for better decision making
  • Analyse customer data and profitability to prioritise relationships and projects
  • Ensure timely communication and follow-up with prompts and alerts
  • Easily calculate project costs to reflect target revenue and margins
  • Automatically generate customised proposals
  • Ensure proposals include the most recent and relevant information