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Deltek Consulting Services

Optimising your Deltek solution with our expert consultant team ensures that you receive the greatest long term benefit for your professional services firm. Our team of consultants have a combined experience of over 300 years in supporting project-focused firms with everything from ERP implementation to performance review.

Deltek's Delivery Model

At Deltek, we recognise the need to adapt our delivery model to meet the changing dynamics of both our clients and the professional services market place. Our clients are increasingly looking for strategic partners who can support global projects and guarantee a consistent level of service while still delivering under a fixed price contract. This is a shift from the more traditional Time & Materials approach. Deltek's Delivery Model therefore provides our robust PEAK methodology for new implementations whilst offering flexibility in both Expertise and Deliverables models for business consultancy and extensions. 

Deltek Uk Service Delivery Model

Whatever your profile and requirements, Deltek has a wealth of know-how and experience spanning multiple project-centric industry sectors which when combined with our expertise and methodologies will bring your ERP projects to life and boost your overall performance.

Business Review

You may find that your business changes over time to grow and adapt to evolving market conditions. Our business review will examine your processes and recommend appropriate change to ensure that your solution is fully optimised in order to add value at each user interaction. Call us today to find out how we can help to fine tune your solution to add even more value.

Upgrade Support

Upgrading your business solution is a good opportunity to take advantage of new and improved functionality and to review your current processes. Our consultants can help you to identify your key success factors and to establish how an upgrade can be optimised to support your business and your Key Performance Indicators. Whether you are looking to automate processes or improve your management information capability, our upgrade process and consulting advice can deliver real value.

Accelerators & Extensions

Shortening workflow, automating repeatable tasks, interfacing with 3rd party applications and delivering email notifications can be all be delivered through an extension to your existing solution. Deltek provide a number of pre-packaged workflow enhancements to “accelerate” your existing processes and can also work with you to identify and define bespoke product extensions to increase the value of your solution.

Performance Review/Healthcheck

Our technical consultants offer healthcheck services on a regular or a one-off basis. You may be concerned about the age of your system architecture or simply planning for additional growth in new markets or increased system usage. Deltek can provide appropriate advice to ensure your system is operating and the optimum level and is fully provided from a disaster recovery perspective.

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