Touch Time for Vision

Enable your employees to enter time on-the-go, from anywhere, at anytime!

Now that more and more organizations are relying on their remote resources to work directly from the field via mobile devices, the ability to easily enter time is key.

With Deltek Touch Time for Vision, it is now easier than ever to enter time into Deltek Vision. Still as detailed as it needs to be, Touch Time empowers your employees to quickly enter project, phase, track labor code and even individual labor category values for each labor hour—from any mobile device, anywhere, anytime. Best of all, Deltek Touch Time for Vision is a no-brainer when it comes to deployment. It’s as simple as downloading the app from the Apple App or Google Play store.

Deltek Touch Time for Vision allows you to:

  • Save time. Enter quick yet detailed time entry, anywhere, anytime
  • Be mobile. No more waiting to enter time—or worse, forgetting details. Wherever your mobile device is, Touch Time follows.
  • Automatically Copy Timesheets. Have the same task on your timesheet every week? Copy your current timesheet to the next one to save time and reduce errors.
  • Easily Install and Deploy Available for iOS and Android devices. Install directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Organization’s instance of Vision must be accessible via the Internet and Touch Server must be installed.

Instant access to timesheets from the convenience of a mobile device means it’s easy to enter time. No more waiting for access to a Wi-Fi connection or a laptop—now, employees can enter their time with the touch a finger.

Vision Touch Time 
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