Deltek Risk Solutions

Accurate project scheduling and realistic cost forecasting can be the difference between being a project hero and being responsible for project failure. Even the soundest schedules and cost forecasts carry scope uncertainty and risk that all too often lead to delays and overruns. Deltek Risk offers solutions to proactively reduce project risk exposure and maximize completion confidence.

Through powerful, straightforward cost/schedule risk analytics, Deltek Risk offers the ability to track, identify and prepare for potential risks – before they impact the project. Combine Deltek Risk with Deltek's Cost and Schedule solutions for end-to-end program and project success.

PPM Solutions

  • Deltek Acumen Risk – Schedule and Cost risk analysis software for effectively account for and proactively reducing project risk exposure providing an accurate and reliable forecast.
  • Deltek RiskBook – A cloud-based risk register software that allows users to collaborate on the identification of project and corporate risks as well as the potential impact each risk could have.

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