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Our clients have taught us the importance of successful implementations. Learn more about how to engage people, implement a solution and get success.

Engage People – Involvement is the Key to Success

Many companies have tried to implement a new solution for resource planning and project management. Equally many have failed and returned to individual spreadsheets and each resource owner protecting their own resources. Successful implementation requires clear objective handling and that you avoid of some of the most obvious flaws. This is how we recommend that you approach an implementation.

Are You Clear on Targets?

Our experience with implementing resource planning is that the companies with most success are the ones that have a clear focus on resource planning and corporate resource overviews as the first objective. Companies tend to set targets too high and want to improve the entire planning procedure in one go.

We recommend that your step one is to get corporate resource overviews and engage all resource owners in the process of defining rules of planning. Do not be surprised how much protection there can be around own resources. The companies with the most successful implementations are the ones where management has required that a resource planning solution to be implemented. Then there is no excuse for going back to the individual spreadsheets! Therefore management engagement is key throughout the implementation.

Considering a Planning Solution?

The numerous client implementations have taught us what made a difference in the solution they were looking for. Below you will find an outline of the key requirements for a strong resource management solution in order to get success:

  • Simplicity so that everybody use it
  • Ability to see the consequences of your plans as you plan
  • Support multiple planning levels
  • Integrated resource management and project planning
  • Synchronised workforce planning and project planning
  • Support for forecasting
  • Web-based user interface

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Implement a Solution – Take Advantage of Our Best Practice Knowledge

When you implement a resource management and project planning solution the easiest way to success is to focus on corporate overviews rather than detailed plans. We would like to introduce some of the best practice principles for implementing a strong resource management and project planning solution with a dedicated focus on improved utilisation rates.

Rely on Our Best Practice Expertise

Deltek has implemented ERP business solutions for over 5,000 global professional services organisations. Based on our accumulated knowledge from these implementations, we have developed a standard implementation process model that we recommend all clients follow.

This process model is based on a pre-configured solution with best practice processes, roles, perspectives and reports to support the people involved in resource scheduling and project planning.

This gives you a short implementation time and 90 percent of the functionality you need up front.

Our implementation model is based on business process re-engineering; point of departure is the pre-configured solution and then together we define where you want to deviate from best practice.

The Recommendations

When you introduce resource management in your organisation, we suggest that you follow our recommendations:

  • Plan and staff on a level where everybody will do it
  • Include future opportunities in your planning
  • Select one business unit as first movers
  • Integrate with your ERP solution to eliminate redundant data

Our clients tell us that you should not kick-off a new way of doing resource management and project planning at the same time. Get your resource planning processes in place before you integrate your project planning processes; there is plenty of value in focusing on increasing utilisation rates and getting corporate overviews.

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Achieve Success – How to Get the Most Out of Your Resource Planning Solution

Transparency, transparency and transparency. The moment you know what everybody is doing, then you can harvest the results of a strong resource management and project planning solution with a dedicated focus on improved utilisation rates.

Get Full Transparency Into Your Plans

It may already be clear to you that resource management is all about knowing what people are doing. Therefore, you should focus on corporate and departmental overviews of the resource situation for your weekly meetings rather than anything else.

Resource planning overviews start as a management tool. When the managers know what their people are doing, then you can roll it out in the rest of the organisation. Employees can plan their own work schedule - after all they are the ones who know what is going on. But let that be step two-otherwise you will not succeed; at least this is our experience.

You will get success once your decisions are based on facts rather than assumptions!

Moving Beyond Resource Planning and Optimise Your Projects

At Deltek, we have been working with professional services organisations to optimise resource planning and project management since 1989. Over the years, we have accumulated knowledge of and insight into our clients' planning processes. A common trend that we see in the next steps after corporate overviews are:

  • Integrate project planning and resource planning by letting project managers plan and staff projects
  • Control project progress on all projects and let the updated project plans and progress be the natural feed into updated resource plans
  • Forecast future capacity needs

We have been able to help our clients improve their resource management and project planning with our People Planner solution.

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