Forecast the Future

Deltek People Planner's unique forecasting capabilities enable you to keep track of recognised revenue, forecast revenue and future capacity needs based on your current pipeline.

Forecast Capacity Needs

Resource Managers can enter leads and opportunities in People Planner and assign exact resources or budget resources to the opportunity with a view to forecasting capacity needs. The resource overview displays future projects and opportunities, and it enables you to match past performance with future load.

Follow Up on Actuals vs. Planned

Behind all projects is a specific price list that ensures you get accurate revenue forecasts of your future revenue stream. Because your resource assignments drive those forecasts, People Planner delivers an accurate, detailed picture of your revenue forecast. The information that you will receive on resource utilisation and actual project performance through People Planner's world class resource planning capabilities allows you to make adjustments to ensure actuals track as close to the plan as possible.

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