Kona Business: Discuss and Get Things Done Together

Because Projects are Social

Deltek’s Kona Business solution is a cloud-based social collaboration and productivity platform that empowers individuals and groups to connect, organise and get things done together.

Enable your internal teams to collaborate and share information to win more opportunities, streamline operations and budgets, and improve interactions with your customers and partners.

Kona Business features include:

  • Organisational Tools for Your Business: Kona helps you achieve more with a centralised place to manage communication, tasks, projects and decisions.
  • Company Account Administration and Control: Own and manage your company-related Kona spaces with domain-based administrative accounts.
  • Improved Collaboration: Robust project tracking enhancements to improve collaboration and accountability.
  • Group Discussions and Tasks: Kona is “conversation-centric” with powerful permissions to determine who gains access to shared information, discussions and tasks. 
  • Shared Calendars: Capabilities include recurring events, drag-and-drop management of events and more.
  • Templates: Kona Business provides the ability to create space templates for repeatable projects.
  • Deltek Product Integrations: Kona integrates with various Deltek product offerings.
  • Reporting, Analytics and Archiving: Extensive reporting, analytics and archiving capabilities for insight into usage metrics and Kona engagement with individuals, teams and projects.
  • Kona Mobile: Free mobile applications for both Apple iOS and Android devices; stay connected and productive with your team members on-the-go.

Kona was built to make your groups more productive by connecting the dots between people, processes and technology. Explore the additional features that Kona Business can bring to your company now!