Deltek First Cloud ERP

Project-focused business software - as a service

You know the challenges that come with selling services and time. No client is like the other, no project like the next. Keeping quality of service high and resource costs in check is a must to be profitable and competitive.

We have combined accounting and project management software capabilities on one comprehensive cloud-hosted system, and more, specifically for aspirational businesses like yours because a generic ERP system or accounting system just won’t do your needs justice.

Deltek First Cloud ERP can be set up and running across your organisation within weeks. Our business consultants take you through the set up decisions according to your requirements. With project best practice built in this is a fast process.

What you get:

An integrated project and finance solution that powers…

  • customer relationship management - capture opportunities and control your sales pipeline
  • project management – deliver projects on scope and with increased profitability
  • time & resource management - improve utilisation and maximise billable time
  • finance & accounting management - grow billability and cash flow
  • business insight - make real time fact-based decisions with an integrated view of your business

Easy to buy, easy to own, and easy and secure to access from anywhere.