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How to avoid major IT implementation risks
7 April 2014

In order to avoid issues when implementing new technology, Project Managers need to identify and understand the potential problems they may encounter. >> 

Getting the best from resource planning software
3 April 2014

By optimising systems, companies can gain greater benefits from their resource planning tools. >> 

Map your processes for successful project management implementation
1 April 2014

Before new software is implemented, businesses must take time to map their business processes. >> 

Top tips for maximising accounting software efficiency
27 March 2014

Using these tips, businesses can ensure that the gain benefit from using the right accounting software for their business. >> 

Three automation solutions essential for business
24 March 2014

CRM, compliance and task management tools are essential for project based businesses >> 

ERP can offer benefits for CFOs
13 March 2014

CFOs must be included in ERP decisions if better financial processes are to be achieved. >> 

Guidance for selecting the right business software
11 March 2014

Selecting new business software such as ERP can be complicated and there are a few key considerations you must not overlook. >> 

Resource planning software increasingly simplified and analytical
10 March 2014

Resource planning software will see simplification in ease of use as well as analytical automation this year. >> 

Invest in resource planning software that is relevant to your needs
6 March 2014

Businesses investing in resource planning software must select a system that is relevant to your specific industry needs. >> 

Small businesses need a clear resource planning strategy
4 March 2014

Small businesses must have a clear strategy when implementing a resource planning solution so that they can ensure benefit to their business. >>