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Feeling overwhelmed by juggling all your projects?

5 February 2013. Posted by UK Marketing.

Life revolves around projects, they are not just something that we leave at work. Things like organising your wedding or managing your social football team are projects, they are a series of individual or collaborative tasks planned to achieve a core aim. Every New Year, you may commit to personal projects or goals, many of which you fall behind or give up on by March. Why? Because sometimes, it is difficult to organise and separate life into different compartments – one for work and one for your personal life. And as work commitments increase, we can all too often push personal projects aside.

Social tools such as Facebook and LinkedIn can make juggling projects easier but they can also bring ‘social media fatigue’ - we start to feel overwhelmed by the different networks and tools needed to manage all aspects of our lives. And while these tools are good for networking, they don’t offer the functionality needed to collaborate, organise or assign tasks. According to a survey on social media behaviour, conducted online by Harris Interactive®, 62% of online adults are members of more than one social networking site and more than half want a solution to help them manage their online overload.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could use one social collaboration platform, for work and play? We think that in the future, this type of platform will be an essential tool for managing any project. That’s why we developed the social collaboration platform Kona in 2012. We realised that there was one key ingredient that made projects more successful than others, and it wasn’t about technology — it was about the way people communicate and collaborate and their desire for one unified platform to ‘do it all.’

Kona is a free, social collaboration network aimed at easing project management. The tool offers one platform, where users can form members-only groups. Conversations, tasks, calendars, files and photos to help manage projects can be simply dragged and dropped into the social space for ease of use. Try it today.

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