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Improve your business performance with Deltek's 2 minute expert

24 July 2012. Posted by Silvio Douven, Business Director

Improving your internal processes can play an important role in helping your business succeed. At its most basic level, your business is a connected web of projects, employees, clients, ideas, reports, decisions and transactions. Understanding how each of these fit together and impact upon one another is of vital importance in all professional services organisations.

I am often asked ‘what should I do to improve by business?’ Many senior partners and senior decision makers are keen to know how they can improve their business by increasing profitability, cash flow or billable hours. They are also keen to get tips on how to improve decision making and win new business.

In response to these questions, I thought it would be helpful to put together a few short videos that give my top tips on a range of subjects that will help you to improve your business processes.

The ‘2 minute expert’ video series

The ‘2 minute expert’ video series highlights some of the key considerations which I think all business leaders should be aware of when trying to improve their business performance.

Over 6 videos I explain how you can:

Remember, this is not rocket science! These are basic considerations which will enable you to improve your business performance. The level of impact these videos have will depend on your current business processes and management style but first and foremost will depend on implementation and internal cultural changes to ensure adoption.

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