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Getting Organised with Kona; Deltek's social productivity community

30 July 2012. Posted by Laura Heritage, Associate Business Consultant

It could be safe to say that we have all become professional jugglers, not the sort that are about to run away with the circus, but the kind that have increasing commitments and responsibilities which all need to be handled at once.

Kona, Deltek’s new free social productivity community, provides one place to keep all important events, to dos and conversations together. It’s easy to use interface brings together everything going on at work and at home. Just like other forms of social media, Kona travels with you; on your Smartphone, your emails, at work and at home.

One of the features I personally find the most useful is the way that groups can be set up so that members can all converse with one another. Instead of sifting through multiple email threads, new members can quickly catch up on what has already been discussed and everyone can be alerted to new posts.

I am part of the Deltek graduate programme, which has members from various countries across the world and Kona provides a space where we can all chat to one another, discuss upcoming training courses and talk about impending projects which we need to complete.

Similarly, Kona is great for use within our office to organise social events. Our consultants often work from various different locations so by organising the next pub lunch via Kona means that everyone is informed and everyone can discuss the best place to go. Less time juggling, more time doing!

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