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When the going gets tough, align your resources to increase profitability

11 March 2013. Posted by UK Marketing.

One principle that rings true for Professional Services organisations is that people are your most valuable resource. Unfortunately, like any business with valuable resources, this asset can usually be the most costly. At first sight, it might seem like simply reducing headcount is the best way to control that cost but this approach can significantly limit your firm’s overall ability to drive profit.

Professional Services organisations that are concerned with their resource overhead need to look at three factors that may be contributing to the rising cost: where employee time is spent, process efficiency and what activity is contributing to the bottom line.

The key to making sure that the investment in the resource pays off is properly aligning your resources to the project pipeline. In essence, ensuring your people’s time is being spent wisely. Across any organisation, no matter how large or small, the ability to do this is heavily dependent on implementing the right technology. A resource management product such as Deltek’s People Planner will enable managers to align available resource with project needs through an accurate real-time overview of employee availability. This ensures that the revenue investment pays dividends by managing an employee’s time on a project as optimally as possible.

Ensuring that your firm has the technology to help you plan, manage and deliver profitable projects will allow you to enjoy a lean, yet efficient headcount that drives profitability and growth.

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